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Will you need access to water or electricity supplies?

No, we have our own water and power supplies.

Can you travel to my home, apartment, or work?

Yes, if you are located within the Greater Colorado Springs Area. 

Can you travel onto Peterson, Fort Carson, Schriever, or the  Academy?

Yes, we can access any military installation which is accessible to DOD ID card holders.

Can I bring my car to you/your location?

We don't have a physical location but we can suggest locations if you don't have a residence/work location in the local area.

How much time is needed for the job?

We typically tell people to plan on five hours.  However, it depends on three factors:     

1) The amount of dust, dirt and debris,

2) The size of the vehicle, 

3) The level of detail you request/require.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We Accept Cash and Credit Cards, in addition to gift card vouchers that can be bought online.

Do you ever offer promotions?

 Yes, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get these!

Do you have any discounts?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount for military, fire, law enforcement and teaching professionals.  We also offer multiple car or multiple visit discounts.

Do you have a cancellation fee?

If you talk with us 24 hours prior, no, there is no cancellation fee.

Do you provide a-la-carte services?

Yes, a-la-carte services can be found on the packages page—let us customize a package for you!

Can you provide a receipt (that can be used for tax write-off purposes)?


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